"Shell jewelry" refers to jewelry made from shells. Speaking of this kind of jewellery, images of wild men from ancient times have to come to mind. But I didn't expect it to be so fashionable to wear. "Shell jewelry" is worn on the body, bringing a strong holiday style.

Shell jewellery is really easy to use. No matter what style of modeling, you can wear a shell jewelry. The unique design of the shell is really exciting, the design is exquisite but not exaggerated, the color is rich and pure, and after wearing it, it also gathers the advantages of various jewelry styles in one.

The most important thing is that shell jewelry does not appear to be very prominent when worn, but when paired with the shape, the shape becomes more eye-catching. 

This avoids the mismatch of individual items that lead to the overall style, and is also more suitable for public female friends. It is easy to dress beautifully and dazzlingly.


Style: Europe and America

Material: Alloy

Processing: Plating

Type: Anklet

Style: Women's

Styling: Animal / Zodiac

Mosaic material: not inlaid

Color: turtle, shell, lotus, starfish, elephant, small shell, conch, symbol, big tree, love, mermaid tail, anchor, round, seahorse

Package Content:

1*Foot chain


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